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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Won't you be my neighbor? A Pileated Woodpecker plays peek-a-boo at the North Nest.

Bald Eagles play an important role in ecosystems. They stand on top of the food chain or web, are generalist hunters who consume and produce carrion, and are a keystone species: a species that is vital to the health of its ecosystem. We know and write about their trophic relationships, but we don’t often consider the importance of their nests to other species. Alternate, abandoned, or in use, large bald eagle nests stand for many years and serve as homes,

Leap Year eggs for two eagle couples!

February 29, 2024: A second egg for Mrs. T!

Congratulations to two eagle couples! Ma and Pa Jr. laid their first egg at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest tonight, and Mr. and Mrs. T laid egg #2 at Trempealeau! Ma frequently lays three eggs, so if she holds to her usual schedule, look for egg #2 on March 3 and egg #3 on March 6th. We don’t know how many eggs Mrs. T lays since this is our first year of data, but we’ll be watching! Tulsa has

Peek inside a bald eagle egg: 11 days!

Chicken embryos roughly 25% of the way to hatch

What do embryonic eagles look they look like as they develop and grow inside their eggs? Dr. Peter Sharpe from the Institute for Wildlife Studies developed a table of bald eagle embryonic development based on work done by Hamburger and Hamilton (1951). While not all bald eagle eggs hatch in 35 days, the stages of development look something like this… What happens between the third and the 11th day? When we last touched on the topic, our embryonic eagle had

Join us for our First Egg Fundraiser!

February 12, 2024: Mr. North, left. DNF, right. I think they are one of the best-looking eagle couples around!

We are holding our first egg fundraiser on Saturday, March 2nd. Join us for celebratory chats on our North Nest channel from 9 AM to 11 AM, 2 PM to 4 PM and 6 to whenever we stop! Follow this link to make a donation: If you are reading this, you’ve watched our Bald Eagle cameras. I know they sometimes seem like entertainment and I can’t deny that I’ve laughed, peeked through my fingers, and sometimes cried while watching

Where are Golden Eagles 733, 834, and 833?

Golden Eagle head study.

The Raptor Resource Project is conducting a study on Golden Eagles (GOEA) to answer questions about their winter and summer grounds, migration route timing and fidelity, the familial ties among Golden Eagles wintering in our region, levels of lead and mercury, and the presence of HPAI antibodies. Does lead exert an influence on Golden Eagle populations? Have they been exposed to HPAI? What are their specific habitat requirements? While Western and Eastern Golden Eagles have undergone extensive research, there remains

February 26, 2024: News, NestFlix, and new cams!

February 26, 2024: Handsome Mr. North incubating eggs.

We know it is late February, but it really feels like spring has sprung! We’ve got eagles on eggs at the North nest and our new Trempealeau eagle cam, we’re eagerly awaiting eggs at Xcel Energy’s Fort St. Vrain nest, female falcons are lining up for Newman’s food gifts at GSB, the ice is entirely out on the Flyway, and we’re seeing and hearing spring arrivals everywhere! We’re also getting ready for our First Egg Fundraiser on March 2, chatting

February 20, 2024: NestFlix, News, and What’s Coming Up!

February 19, 2024: DNF rolls her eggs and gently settles over them.

We have a NestFlix Megaroll for everyone tonight, but I wanted to go through our calendar before we get started. Here’s what’s going on! Thank you so much for watching, sharing, learning, and caring! We hope you enjoy the videos as much as did! Decorah North Eagles February 20, 2024: Beautiful view of both eggs at shift change – We finally got a glimpse of the eggs! They look lovely nestled in their bed of soft golden grass: the

February 18, 2024: A second egg for DNF!

February 18, 2024: DNF laid egg #2 today! We got a brief glimpse beyond the high walls of her grass berm - just enough to confirm egg #2!

DNF laid her second egg today at 2:49 PM nest time. When will her eggs begin hatching? I took a look at our records and saw an interesting variance between 2021 and 2022, although she laid her first and second eggs on the same day both years. In 2021, her first egg hatched on March 25 and her second egg hatched on March 27. In 2022, her first egg hatched on March 27 and her second egg hatched on March

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