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September 9, 2023: Day Trip to Decorah!

September 14, 2023: I believe this is Mom

Story and photos by Robin Brumm Saturday was supposed to be sunny and cool. What to do, what to do? Go to Decorah of course! It had been a while since I’d gone to Decorah, and I was wondering what all the eagles were up to. It’s always a gamble going in the “off” season because there is a good chance that you won’t see any eagles, so I had my talons…umm, fingers crossed on the way. As I drove

August 25, 2023: Good luck, DH2!

August 19, 2023: DH2 in the pine by the visitors center at the hatchery.

Happy Fri-yay, everyone! Our eagle-eyed eagle watchers haven’t seen or heard DH2 since the morning of August 19th. It looks like our little eaglet has flown the coop! Will it come back to say goodbye before it leaves for good? Here’s what we’ve learned from the Decorah eagles we’ve tracked so far. We don’t have satellite tracking data, but six days is a very long time not to see DH2, especially given that we saw and heard the eaglet almost

August 15, 2023: A Day Trip to Decorah!

August 15, 2023: DH2 on the roof of the barn to the east of the hatchery

Story and Photos by Robin Brumm I’ve been to Decorah a few times in the last couple of weeks, but didn’t really get any decent pictures. The weather looked good for Tuesday, so I got up at dark o’clock and off to Decorah I went. I was hoping DH2 would be around so I could get some decent photos. When I got to Decorah, I slowly drove past N1 and didn’t see anything. I got to the stop sign and

2023 Decorah Eagles Recap, Episode 2: Return of the Eaglets!

August 15, 2023: DH2 on the Y

Continuing the story from episode one: Our eagle-eyed volunteers spotted a little starring on one of the eggs at around 6:53pm on April 3. We watched enthralled as DH1 – the first of HD and HM’s eaglets – made its way out of the egg to hatch at 4:10am on April 5. Unfortunately, it was the first chick of two inexperienced parents, and died sometime on the night of April 5 or early on April 6th. What happened to

2023 Decorah Eagles Recap, Episode 1: A New Beginning

March 30, 2022: A new pair in a deeply treasured place!

We are turning our Decorah Eagle and Decorah North Eagle cameras off on Wednesday, August 16th, so we’re celebrating the 2023 season by recapping events at the sites we watch. Please join us to help say ‘goodbye!’ from 3 to 5pm on our Decorah chat: What a year for the Decorah Eagles nest! To tell the 2023 Decorah Eagles story, we need to back up to the fall of 2021, when we built a starter nest at the old N1

2023 Great Spirit Bluff Recap

March 25, 2023: Savanna basks in the sun at Great Spirit Bluff. I love her full crop and beautiful feathers!

2023 was a year of cheers and sorrows for the falcons at Great Spirit Bluff. After Newman returned on February 11th, we started to look for Zooey. While she never returned, he attracted a female named Savanna and quickly bonded with her. We saw some competition for the site, but Savanna held on to it and laid her first egg on March 29 at 8:28 PM. Three more eggs followed on April 1st, 3rd, and 5th.

2023 Xcel Energy Fort St. Vrain Recap

August 14, 2023: FSV47 getting ready to fledge!

– By Lisa Levesque. Thanks so much to Lisa and the Fort St. Vrain fans for their detailed observations and support! In December of 2022, Ma and Pa returned to the nest area. January brought some nestorations and quite a few migrating visitors. February really ramped up with the plans for eggs. Rails were built up high and lots of grasses brought in. The first egg was laid on March 2, 2023 at 6:14pm, the 2nd on March 5 at

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